vacation: all i ever wanted

hi there. hope your weekend was good. i can’t believe it’s already the middle of july.. i’m really loving this vacation thing and wondering how am i going to dredge up the energy/motivation to take a full class load in the fall.. urgh.

saturday afternoon, vacya and i took mama cat and trouble over to his place since just the week before, in order to go (safely) to the vet’s, i had gotten two cat carriers/cages, harnesses and even leashes. (i always thought it pretty silly to see a cat on a leash, but now that i’m a paranoid mama..) we wanted the cats to get used to seeing the cages and knowing that it wouldn’t necessarily mean evil was going to happen to them (i.e. the vet’s, however well-intentioned they might be).

vacya’s house has this great big courtyard filled with flowers and bushes, some trees, sprinklers, birds all chatting up above, and a major cat highway (via the roofs) ~ in other words, a lot of excitement for my sweet bored small-apartment-bound kittens.

they loved it! following the same patterns as othertimes, in a new place, mama cat was off running, exploring everything her twitching tail would take her to. trouble was slightly freaked out and just stayed put on vacya’s bed for a while, but within an hour tops, she was examining every inch of the courtyard and even found the fruit tree before mama cat did. we ended up staying the night there and i kept waking up at all hours of the night, just paranoid that the cats would run off or get hurt or be scared (vacya kept doing the same thing) but they were fine. it was amazing to watch them sniff around and explore a space i thought i knew really well but through their eyes i saw stuff i had totally just skipped over, and not only cause i’m taller than 12 inches.

i’m very proud of my girls ~ and last night got some well-deserved peace and quiet when they practically passed out sleeping once we got back to my place. ha! i love seeing mama cat in particular snoring away after an adrenalin and sensory overload. shoulda taken a picture of her like that. that’s trouble in the picture to the right, along with some beautiful morning glories growing in the courtyard.

sometime this week, i’m going to see the corporation, which i’ve been looking forward to for months now. check out this great preview. there’s so many good films/documentaries coming out this summer: elephant, horns and halos, bush’s brain, control room, as well as a series of unfortunate events (can’t resist it, the books were fun and the movie looks quite pretty and fun as well).

~ andrea

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