busy busy

hi. yesterday was a good day, albeit pretty frustrating.. at work, we’re going a little crazy since not only are the national conventions quickly approaching (i.e. a lot of work for us preparing for special broadcasts of past convention coverage), but there’s also a major site redesign that we’re hoping to unveil tuesday next week. yikes! .. so, very busy at work.

but i love this one boy, mmmm. and in general i feel pretty happy and good about my life. so busy is o.k.

in three weeks, i’m off to boston for the saa conference and then italy two weeks later, hip hip hooray. and i just found out that the sister of my first boyfriend, this great girl, she’s getting married in april ~ auguri marica!

more later, promise (and i am determined to finish my scarf tonight though i’m a tad nervous about binding off in pattern)

~ andrea

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