hating m1

hi there. it’s been a busy bunch of days ~ finished my scarf (very thick and wooly and wonderful, though i felt a tad silly knitting such a scarf in los angeles. in july. during some of the hottest days so far this year. blink.), which i have yet to take pictures of (bad andrea), started ambitiously on a new project knit-wise, and worked furiously on getting the last web content up in time for the unveiling of the new web site for work (phew).

i took some very nice pictures this last week, including the cats in paradise and my new knitting thing. here’s two photos: what is that first one you ask? i want to make this very pretty felted bag, so last night i swatched (good little knitter that i am) and here in photo 2 you can see the result. yes, my hands are chafed, my knuckles and finger joints are sore, my vision is bleary (it took a long time) but it was all worth it because i can make felt. if you want to see more go here: felting experiment

even though i did about 4 or 5 rounds of the bottom of the bad last night, i took it all apart (frogged it ~ don’t ask if you don’t know cause it’s a weird knitters thing. knitters are weird. and proud of it.) twice this morning. i just don’t think i understand M1 quite right. it makes sense what i’m doing and it looks allright but not superfine, you know what i mean? and at the dag-on very beginning of a project, i accept no mistakes. sigh.

part of the problem stems from the fact that i’m a lefty. and, because i didn’t get how to knit at first, i knit with both hands, i.e. when i finish a row (with the left hand holding the yarn and the right doing all the heavy lifting and such) i don’t turn the stick around but just switch hands (with the right hand now holding the yarn and the left stitching away ~ i’m a tad faster this way). i think that’s weird but there must be lots of people out there doing the same as me, right? anyhow, i figure i get less sore in just one hand doing it this way ~ this way both hands get sore around the same time and at the same intensity. yay? anyway, all this helps explain why the M1 thing isn’t quite working for me yet, though i think i made some important inroads during lunch.

ok, now i really am off to sleep, thanks for listening about my perhaps mindlessly-self-involved ramblings (i blame it on lack of sleep) but i think this knitting stuff is crazily interesting. plus it’s practical ! i love art that’s like that.

~ andrea

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