recap & planning

hello. i just finalized my italy plans, at least how i’m getting there and getting back. i’ll have one full day in maryland before i leave with my little sisters to join my parents and my older sister and her husband and i’ll have a night in maryland when we all come back on the 28th so that i can chill and relax one last night. this way, i can spend some time with my adorable niece and nephew as well as my very-cool brother and sister-in-law.

also, i’m getting ready for the saa conference in boston next week ~ very exciting ~ and, from boston, i’ll also be taking the train down to new york for some meetings, so i’m hoping to meet up with my oldest friend in the world, who i still have to contact.. yikes. it’s hard to get everything together but i cannot wait! i just found out there’s going to be a guided walk around boston highlighting anarchist-connected sites, focusing on sacco & vanzetti. also, i want to check out that lucy parsons center, and in new york, the bluestocking bookstore.. any other recommendations? i’m only in boston for three days and in new york for two but i’m going to try and pack things in.. (argh. i feel all run-on sentences today.)

on tuesday night i hung out with some old friends and former co-workers caroline and maria. we were (sucessfully) trying to get together once a month or so and eat a lot (they’re big foodies) and talk a lot but it’s been six months since we last did that so we were way over due. i had a brand-new fondue pot and boy did it get used! between the three of us, we ate a pound and a half of cheese and for dessert we had chocolate fondue. yum. it was incredibly delicious. i always like hanging out with them, we’re all three very different people that are all interested in each other’s lives and find each other funny and smart. so, a lively discussion with some (invariably) dropping of bread and veggies in fondue pot. very fun.

knitting-wise: ok, i’m a little slow-moving recently with my to-be-felted-bag but i just finished the bottom (involving no less than a three-needle bind-off) and feel very proud. i love binding off, it’s so very satisfying (and easy and looks pretty to boot). i’m getting nervous about the actual felting process since on the local stitch n bitch listserv a few people were writing about how cascade yarns doesn’t felt up too well. i swatched by hand and though it was a little gappy in the middle, i think in a machine it would work fine. but i’m still nervous.
~ andrea

p.s. if you like books and yarn, check out these knitters’ bookplates.

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