my to-be-felted bag

hi there! last night i finished my to-be-felted bag ~ as you can see by my happy grin. tonight will be the actual felting of it and i am super-nervous. it looks really pretty but so big it’s kinda clown/toy-y feeling. by the way, as shown in the second picture (click on them to go see them bigger), i finished up the bag while watch john kerry on tv ~ fun, especially the part where the producer, not knowing he was on air, started cussing when the thousands of ballons in the ceiling didn’t fall when they were supposed to. hee.

now what do i knit next? i’m so not interested in chunky sweaters, or really anything warm because it’s so dang hot here. but, at a very nice sale at lani’s knits just a few blocks from work, i found a bunch of rebecca magazines on sale and they had really super pretty tops patterns, all very appropriate for summer. ..also, i just ordered yarn for that too-sweet slip in knitty’s summer issue (hush-hush). very amibitious, i know, but i just get too bored too easily. and besides, i want to knit skimpy stuff. ! i love this apricot jacket but i know it’s wayy to hard for me with my knitting skills as they are. but i have the pattern and one day.. sigh. this is the type of clothes i want to knit.

for some reason i’ve been reading a bunch of blogs written by women dealing with infertility and miscarriage issues. really sad but these women are incredibly brave, not only in trying over and over again for years to carry a baby (becoming almost doctors themselves with the amount of jargon they acquire) and in sharing their problems and sadness so publically. right now, my favorites are a little pregnant (who acutally just got pregnant after four in vitro fertilization attempts) and chez miscarriage. though i’m nowhere near ready to have babies, i wonder sometimes if i can, i mean i’ve worried many times that i am pregrnant, what kind of birth control i should take, etc, but what if when i want to, when i’m ready, i can’t? .. i know i want to have like ten kids. that just shows how far away i still am from actually having any.

by the way, check out this article: pope hits out at feminist radicals. a little late, huh? though i don’t believe we’re in a ‘post-feminism’ phase by any means, i don’t think it’s realistic we’ll go back to how women were treated before the feminist movement began in the 60s. for better and more serious feminist thoughts, check out this great blog (also a knitter, yay.)

btw, i’m really happy lately..
~ andrea

p.s. check out this crazy dna scarf.

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