[done, all done!] how much does it suck that yarn stores i finished my beautiful bag on saturday and since then, my hands have felt a bit useless. last night, after an unfruitful day of yarn shopping (went to three, count ‘em, three! yarn stores, two were closed/just closing and the third was just too expensive (though i did get some really pretty alpaca yarn. oh bolivia! but i’m saving it for something more useful than a scarf..)), i cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom, getting rid of old broken appliances, mopping the floor twice, evicting some cockroaches from under the sink, and in general freaking out my poor kitties.

then, with energy to spare (!) i emptied out my blue chest of drawers into what is affectionally called ‘the monstrosity’ (this great big chest of drawers, seen here [sideview of my beautiful bag] on the bottom left-hand side) and then dragged the old blue chest of drawers out to the alley for trash pick-up. with this change came the sudden inspiration to finally buy a bed. and not just any bed but a queen-size bed! it fits in my ‘bedroom’ with four inches to spare width-wise. now, as to when i’ll get it, maybe between saa and italy? i’ve been eyeing a nice firm one at ikea for the longest time now. it would be the first time since 2000, my senior year at bryn mawr, that i will have my own real bed ~ not a futon, a couch, some comforters on the floor, other people’s beds, but my own! sadness should overwhelm me with this past sentence, but really i’ve enjoyed trying out all the other stuff ~ and the floor, with a nice comforter or two underneath, is surprisingly comfy, cool, and really good for the back. !

so, back to my yarn griping: today during lunch i went to two closed yarn stores – argh. that’ll teach me, i guess, to call ahead and make sure they’re open. and, coming back from lunch, i got an email from hallycon yarns saying my order (to make “hush-hush”) is backordered for 2 to 4 weeks. double double sigh/argh.

lest you think i’ve gone knitting-mad (which happens often, i think, to newly-made knitters), believe you me i still want to work in a library, with books!, and i still love to cook and sing to music and make other people laugh a lot, and play with my cats. and i still shower and keep clean, in general (i am from the south after all..) ~ i’m not just a yarn fool slobbering over patterns all the time. i swear. just sometimes.

boston is in three days! wow. and then italy just days later ~ i cannot wait for italy, i love love my family and my sisters are a riot to hang out with. plus i get to be big sisters and impart some hard-worn wisdom to them blah blah blah. yay.

~ andrea

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