off to boston, tra la la

yay, i’m off! the last few days have passed in a blur ~ but a beautiful blur. i have a list of good places to go to, including bookstores and yarn stores, and i’m taking my ipod, lots of yarn, great books, and a comfy p.j. or two ~ i plan on doing a lot of relaxing and sleeping. it’s a working trip but i’ll be in nice hotels, with soft sheets and cable tv. oh ho, a life of luxury for me!

plus there’s all the exciting saa workshops and panel discussions, such as:

  • » the impact of the usa patriot act on archives & archivists
  • » political pressure and the archival record: american perspectives
  • » ethics in the archives: real-world strategies for real-world archivists
  • » scandal in the exhibit hall: gay/lesbian/bisexual history exhibits
  • » history versus heritage: when archives challenge popular beliefs

too bad i have no power suits to wear (ha). now, if only my hair will be obedient for once in its life ~ then i’ll be fine. if not, ay, lots of stares as i have pretty BIG hair and with east coast humidity added ~ sigh. i better pack a lot of hair gel.

so, in other news, i installed textpattern! for now, to see past posts, at least the last ten, see the drop-down menu on the left or click on the ‘older’ tag below to go through each post one at a time. i know, i know, not the tidiest. but i already feel kinda insane for doing this big switcheroo literally two days ago. i still got to add the comments from before and most of the pictures. also, i’m trying to get up a calendar like i had before but i’ve run into some snags. more info on textpattern soon ~ but so far, very exciting and definitely challenging.

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