last night in boston

well, this boston trip is ending on such a high note that, since i’m still not in my hotel, getting ready for sleep, i really feel i should find some wood to knock on before i jinx myself too much (note to self: must get wooden necklace, bracelet, whatever)..

for a while i’ve been looking forward to a walking tour of anarchist-related sites in boston and it was today, at 3:30. it’s almost 10:30 and i just left the group at the hotel as all were going back to their respective hotels and homes, but i just had such a great time. usually, i’m not that social, not really comfortable in general with chatting with folks, especially when i have to introduce myself, get over being shy, etc. (when is it not like that though, right?) but every once in a while i just click with folks and tonight i felt like that. yay!

that kind of social-connection is in no way anything i can ever plan for or count on but i’m so glad it kicked in tonight ~ i met so many incredible people, very laid-back but all fascinating and encouraging. plus i got some really valuable advice career-wise that i need to do some serious thinking about.. yay, i’m still in a bit of shock it happened, but i also still have enough wine in me(boy, archivists with wine are like fish in water) to wonder, well since the night is going so well, although it’s 10:30 and i’m by myself now, maybe i should walk to the longfellow bridge (which connects cambridge to boston) and see the view of the charles river? ..

(i’m mostly joking about the wine’s effect on me. as my typing shows, i’m fine and sober ~ though mildy buzzed. mostly it’s the ego-boost speaking.)

i didn’t get to go to more than one yarn store (nice but too expensive and small) and not at all to any bookstore, much less the lucy parson center/infoshop i wanted to see. and new york is looking just as busy. i’m definitely meeting up with my oldest friend in the world, but i don’t know what else i can do. the tour itself today started right near the hotel, in the boston commons (garder? park?) and wound its way up to the north end, super-italian part of boston ~ the focus was mostly on sacco & vanzetti and was great and really thorough. .. best of all, i finally got to see boston a bit, not just the ugly ritzy area around the hotel, but so much more.

people in boston are so brassy. i really like that. i can’t help but immediately be aware of all the differences between boston and l.a. ~ really, it’s so different, with l.a. mostly paling in comparison. i hope it rains tonight; then i’ll be truly truly happy ~ cross your fingers for me.

~ andrea

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