catch up (on rice, yum)

new york was a lot of fun ~ i got back tuesday morning and, thankfully since tuesday’s are my day off, spend the whole day relaxing and having fun. although i spent three full days in boston and only one in new york, i saw a whole lot more of new york in that one day. the saa conference was great but really a working conference.

monday night i had dinner with my friend jennie which was so much fun. i remember a few years ago, sitting across from her and hearing her talk about this and that, and i all of a sudden realized, wow, this girl had such a strong influence on my life. i mean, until i was about twelve, we were constantly at each other’s homes, we’d go on family vacations together, every birthday and slumber party, etc ~ eventually, the fence between our two yards sagged over to one side from so much climibing over and over to see each other. i still remember her phone number, too, even though it’s been over ten years at least since i dialed it, and in fact, her family’s moved from the old house and so i guess, sigh, the number belongs to someone else..

knitting-wise, i got zip accomplished. i went to a couple of stores but just too expensive! i spent my money instead at the bluestocking bookstore and the strand in new york, and at a book sale at the boston public library. yay, books! though my bag broke under the strain. geez. ..anyhow, today, i rectified the yarn-gap by heading out to this new store in hollywood called ‘black sheep knittery’ (my favorite yarn store, tied with unwind in burbank) where i got supplies and really pretty yarn for two yes two projects. i probably won’t start till i go to italy since that’s just days from now (monday night!) ..

~ andrea

p.s. this whole title-thing is fun but a little pressuring : a sum-up to my rambling posts? impossible. here, the idea is catching up with what i’ve been up to, but then that reminded me that jennie and i talked about how we both love ketchup on rice. it’s a bolivian thing, i think. don’t say ‘gross’, say ‘yay!’

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