things to do

so i’ve been going crazy with textpattern recently. here’s my lovely list that maybe maybe i can get done (crazy!) before i leave this monday.

  • all old posts up
  • all comments back up
  • all images up and working, alt tags too
  • xhtml valid: check plugins especially
  • about page up
  • search page up and better looking
  • future book list up
  • calendar working!
  • movies page within textpattern
  • family page totally revamped and within textpattern
  • index page still possible with picture of mamacat?
  • update colophon on about
  • import new pictures to gallery
  • get comments to pop-up

i need to break out the old italian books very soon and do a little studying ~ needless to say i doubt i’ll do any such thing until actually on the plane, perhaps even descending into fiumicino airport.

last night i had a delicious nachos meal a la hull family ~ delish indeed! chips, refried beans (pinto and black = fancy), extra sharp cheddar, lettuce (in a bag, easy easy), ripe tomatoes, spanish rice (from a box, easy easy), sour cream, salsa.. all in little bowls, then combine on plate one at a time, or as a mountain, or whatever floats your boat. i love finger food! (r.i.p. julia child)

how beautiful is this magazine: phildar tendances?! also, i ordered vogue knitting: ultimate reference book after loving the copy from the library. since i can’t knit, i’m stocking up on eye candy, um, i mean reference and pattern books..

update: got the calendar on the left there working, yay! (though it’s a little shakey-looking. gotta work on that later.)

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