Felted Knits

by Beverly Galeskas

with beautiful timeless projects ranging from slippers to pillowcases to bags, galeskas gently introduces the long-honored tradition of felting. with clear and concise language, and smart use of images, tis book will help anyone make their first felted project. additionally, i can totally agree with the author’s note that the vast majority of these patterns were created with the beginner knitter in mind.

for those who already have felted, this book is still a great resource not only in describing in detail what actually happens during felting but also has a handy list of recommended yarns and companies.

[btw, this was the first book i used to follow my first pattern to create my first real knitted project (i’m totally ignoring that long skinny bulky thing i made a few weeks before that – it felt ridiculous to be making as it was 90 degrees in l.a. and i was knitting a friggin’ 100% wool scarf! ay.) – to see the results of said project, check this out.]

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