hotter than heck

hi there! i’m typing this in a tiny cooped-up room with a weird keyboard that has all these strange keys like ò è � , with the possibility of sweating to death, but i’m happy. because i’m in positano, italy! incredible to be back in italy, i’m hit with so many memories every which way i look – and when i talk to people, i can feel the italian slowly (but ever so slowly, slower than last time i came to visit over five years ago. use it or lose it indeed.) coming back and i get such a thrill.

on saturday we head down to modica, near ragusa, on the eastern side of sicily. i love sicily like few places in the world – it’s the place of so many firsts for me. first time i ate salt on oranges (yum), kissed a boy, had a boyfriend at all, was away from my family for more than two weeks (instead, it was 6 months!), danced all night long at a club, ate ice cream every school day for weeks, skipped school, etc etc. a great great place. plus, sicilians are so sweet and direct. just the best.

it turns out it takes about two hours to go from modica to palermo (where i was an exchange student ten (!) years ago). last night, when i told my family that i was definitely going to go to palermo for at least a day or two they surprised me by saying they all wanted to go too. yay! i’m still in contact with my first boyfriend from so long ago and i’m just dying to see him and his family. ay, i can’t wait. it’s going to be so much fun..

more details later — i have to get on the internet mondays through friday for work reasons so i’ll be sure and write more here soon.

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