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hi ~ i got back from italy yesterday and am rushing to catch up with all that needs to be done.. i was gone for over fifteen days this month . i loved being with my family, and it was great to be in italy again, especially the time spent in palermo (ciao mirko!), and my sisters rock (though i kicked their butts in uno), but it was just altogether way too much time spent out of town, out of my normal life, and getting back into the routine will be hard. i know, i go on vacation for two weeks to italy, and already i’m complaining? go figure.

two big news while i’m readjusting and fixing things and getting ready for fall: first of all, congrats to my big sister daniella! today is her first day of school, teaching it that is. she’s the brand new fourth grade teacher at the chrsta macauliffe elementary school in germantown, maryland. yay! auguri, bella! give them all A’s for me, and you, in membrance of struggling for hours over the multiplication tables and kicking in bathroom doors ~ it’s hard being ten years old! secondly, to my big surprise, i found out this morning that my little cousin sergio navarro got married last week! i almost fell over when i heard (from the family list-serv no less) and rushed to see the posted pictures of the newlyweds. felicidades sergio!

i watched a lot of olympics in italy, the coverage was way better. it seems, not only do italians like to watch when italian athletes are competing and winning, but they even like to watch other countries’ athletes compete and win. what a revelation! also, i’ve realized that yahoo’s ‘most popular photos on the web’ page is really funny to look at now and then, as well as being a pretty good round-up of what people’s interests are online. a few days into the olympics, the seven out of ten of the top photos circulating on the web, according to yahoo, were.. of taut olympian ass. yes, indeed: men are incredible predictable. today’s includes Kerri Walsh, bottom, and teammate Misty May celebrate after beating Brazil in the gold medal beach volleyball finals. i especially like how the caption makes clear who’s on the botton. rnc-wise, i haven’t been following much at all what’s been going on in new york, but i like, (especially the picture of the black bloc-ers on the left hand side all geared up and looking at a map). what happened to bikes against bush is really crazy. first of all, this one guy has a bike that “using a wireless Internet enabled bicycle outfitted with a custom-designed printing device, the Bikes Against Bush bicycle can print text messages sent from web users directly onto the streets of Manhattan in water-soluble chalk”. wow! but he was arrested while showing how the bike worked to ron reagan jr. live on msnbc. crazy. also, to finish off the sex-y nature of this paragraph, i like this picture from the major rnc march yesterday.

just occured to me: since i used the word ass (especially connected with the adjective taut) i can pretty much assume that for those trying to access this site from libraries or other places that have filters, from now on they won’t be able to. hmm, gotta check that out later.

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