spring cleaning for the fall

i’ve been feeling for a while that i have just way too much stuff, some of it definitely junky or never never used, and my apartment is just way too small. well, i can’t fix the small apartment thing, though my hand my be forced if they raise the rent anytime soon, which i’m afraid they will.. anyhow, but i can take care of the stuff part. i’ve been telling myself for a while that once the crazy month of traveling, that is, august, ended, then i would do some serious purging. about a month ago i got rid of seven or so groccery bags-worth of clothing (some sent home for safekeeping, sentimental-worthy clothes you know, and some put right out on the curb, disappearing within five minutes).

but now i have some serious more work to do: i need to get rid of ninety-five percent of my pants and jeans. i’ve written before that i’ve grown out of smallish hips and now have “birthing hips” as my sisters call them. i was sad about it, but i’ve gotten over that. i bought two new pairs that fit me great, new hips and all, so i am ready to begin the purge. but, it’s always painful. especially when i remember how much i paid for all these pants. literally i must have over a twenty-some paris of pants and jeans. i’ll do the count and post it (scintillating stuff, huh?)..

this post seems awfully superficial and i’m slightly embarassed about it, but i know that everyone has problems with organization (hence the tlc channel with it’s sweep up shows, etc) and over-consumption. i figure if i have half a dozen pants and jeans, a few skirts, a few dresses and lots of tops and sweaters, i’m good to go. plus, they all have to fit me well and don’t look like i’m trying to be a teenager nor a frumpy middle-aged woman.

beyond clothing, i have some serioius paper-work organizing to do and i need to basically empty out my whole filing cabinet and just start from scratch. as it stands now, the only time i go near the filing cabinet is to squeeze it open an inch and stuff a handfull of old receipts in. ay, and it’s gotta be done before school starts in a month.

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