1st of sept.! gulp.

ok, ok, so i didn’t exactly get rid of any jeans or pants. yup, after all that moaning and groaning and clutching my head in grief (whilst typing) , i chickened out and knitted instead. (i wish the past tense of kintting was knat. fun to say and even more fun to type.)

but oh what a knit! thanks to amanda, who recommended a very nice poncho (called paris loop), i am a happy five-inches-done-so-far knitter again. in italy i tried to knit but it was too darn pretty outside and besides i had my sisters’ butts to kick in uno. anyhow, i am back to knitting and oh i love it. i’m still not fast enough to say the yarn is just knitting itself up or anything like that, but i can say that now i see the beauty of nylon! and not just any nylon, but ‘supersoft fleecy nylon’. at unwind, i stumbled on this great line of yarn called poof (from the great site straw.com) and i was immediately in deep like, if not love. i chose the natural white #0204 and i love it! so soft and amazingly fluffy. i can’t wait to finish this project o’ mine.

two good links: lots of free poncho patterns and soysilk.com, really pretty yarn (made “from the waste of the Tofu Manufacturing process”! or others made from corn, or milk, or bamboo!) with nice patterns too.

oh! i finally got my yarn for knitting-up hush, yay! also, i ordered that great phildar tendances 2004 from knit n tyme, but when i got back and checked my mail, they had sent the 2003 issue! sux. so i called and emailed them and within hours a nice woman contacted me saying i could keep the 2003 one and that the 2004 issue was on its way to me. double yay and cross out the sux! needless to say, i’ll be ordering from them in the future. my stash groweth. yikes.

during my trip in italy i received some interesting news: people actually read my postings here. yup, people like mirko and lucinda in particular. and i know of others that read too but never no never never post a single comment. i’m hurt. really. they know all this super-secret stuff about me (though posted on the information superhighway, it still feels kinda private. impossible, really, i know.) but just lurk like big weirdos. and they know me, i like big weridos! so: luci, say hi once in a while, where are your manners? ha ;P. e mirko devi scrivere un messagio ogni tanto, click il comment e srcrivemi qualcosa, dai. (e no ho dimenticato le foto, le sto sviluppando adesso. ciao!)

ok, with that little castigating out of the way, i am feeling hungry right now. what should i get: subway’s veggie delites or poquito mas’ veggie tacos?

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