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another reason to love wikipedia: its current events page. it lists month-by-month events that happened around the world (though largely concerning the u.s.) with tons of links to entries in wikipedia and elsewhere. also, there’s a column on the right that lists deaths that month, ongoing events, ongoing armed conflicts, upcoming events, upcoming elections, upcoming trials, and more. and for those who care, there’s even a current sports events page.

getting in the spirit of things (that is, things mlis-related): here’s two three library blogs i just stumbled across and like.. technobiblio and creative librarian, & library dust. then there’s these sites i always want to get into but are so techno-intimidating, i haven’t yet: /usr/lib/info and oss4lib. also, i want to get back in the habit of reading the library autonomous zone, library juice and copyfight. of course, you’re right, summertime would have been the perfect time to do all the reading this list implies. sigh.

the save betamax call-in day of action was tuesday and today’s friday, so i’m a bit late, but the issue is still important and the site is still crammed full of info. the induce act would “hold technology companies liable for manufacturing products that encourage people to infringe copyright” (from wired). this would include technologies like mp3 players and tivo, and possibly also weirder stuff like player pianos, individualized photo stamps (man! i know some folks that will flip about this little product, ahem daniella), and ringtone remixers. (from hatch’s hit list). here’s how libraries enter into the fight against the induce act.

i just got apple’s airtune express, so i’ll be wireless in my apartment soon, yay! just found out about this hack which makes it possible to stream music using software that is not made by apple. it’s brought to you by the same guy that famouly broke the dvd encryption a while back, jon johanson.

i have big plans for my apartment, once i get the cashage (as my sisters call it) up and running (when oh when?!): after setting up a wireless network, i plan to get isight so i can see my loved ones as i talk with them over instant messaging. i’d love to get voice over ip, but i don’t know if i can justify it since i don’t talk on the phone that much anymore (but if i did, i’d go with . also, i’d like to get rid of my stereo (right now, for sale on, my tv (and watch tv instead on my computer), and almost all of my cds. of course, i’ll keep the records and record player just cause they’re fun to break out with once in a while. plus i think my cats like to watch the records going round and round. ideally, i’d also get rid of my dsl account with earthlink and switch to one that doesn’t require a landline (like speakeasy’s onelink). and then i’d get a prepaid cellphone for home use only (i.e. do not give out at work and do not take out of apartment). ah. that would all be so nice. also, a scanner would be handy.

i can’t decide which font size is right for the posts. on my mac, this 12 font size is very clean and legible looking but on my dinky old pc at work it’s teeny and fuzzy looking. and the underlines under the links annoyingly crowd the words in the lines below. anyhow, it’s bothering me so expect some tinkering. other than that, i must say, over a month into this whole cms experiment, i am loving textpattern. i have lots of design control, plus all these plugins and a very pretty admin interface.

oh i’m so technology-oriented today, i like that. i like knitting a bunch, and we all know i like to complain and write about sad things, but i also like geeky things like computers and the information superhighway and all. so i’m glad to see this post. (as well as yesterday’s, though upon reflection it might not be the smarted post i’ve ever written. for now, it stands.)

p.s. and just to throw this whole post into confusion, i literally lust after every single one of seeds-of-reverie’s knitted items. they are gorgeous eye candy.

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