cough cough

so, i’m sick. it’s official. saturday morning i woke up with a slightly scratchy throat. i’m rarely rarely! sick so i just tossed it off and went on with my day. i ate little to nothing that day because a) i was too busy, b) my fridge is a joke (albeit ant-less, hurrah), and c) i have horrible eating habits in general. little did i know as i went to sleep saturday night that my body was plotting some serious payback ~ but yes, sunday morning i woke up to revenge: a very sore throat, an aching head, the phlegmiest cough you ever heard, and a dizzy ‘woah’ feeling every time i stood up. my body is on strike.

nonetheless, i went out ~ i sat in traffic for a couple of hours, ah i love los angeles. i hung out with a friend today and ate good pupusas with curtido and platanos fritos. i eagerly went to the library, empty bag in hand, only to find out it closes at 5 not 6 pm on sundays. argh. but then i promptly went home, snuggled with my cats and revamped the bolivia, women’s health and movies pages, go me. also, i’ve ambitiously added a projects page where hopefully i’ll be adding stuff a couple times a month.

which reminds me, it turns out that blog i linked to in the last post whose knitted stuff i like so much is shutting down. the author, a high school senior, writes that she has other priorities and unfortunately can’t put time into knitting and blogging right now. after the gasping subsided, i realized i needed to be careful too. i come from a family that when it gets into something, we dive in all the way (especially when it comes to getting all the oh-so-necessary accoutrements. sigh.) but then after a while, burn out sets in. it’s easy and fun being a beginner, but like i learned about languages, it’s really hard to progress from ‘i-can-get-by’ to ‘i’m-fluent’. so, what i’m saying is that knitting-wise i have an overflowing heap of yarn in a corner of my room and computer-wise i have an aching wrist and carpal-tunnel-syndrome-y aching fingers and body-wise i’m doggone sick. B-A-L-A-N-C-E is a hard thing to get to, much less maintain, but it’s a noble endeavor. and a necessity if i want to do in this life all the things i dream of. oh so lofty.

but really, i just need each day to get my requisite winks, five vegetables and five fruits, some (for god’s sake!) excercise, some talking and social (i.e. human not feline, as much as i love them) interaction, and once in a while some good old creative juices flowing, be it knitting, designing web stuff, cooking, whatever. if i can do all that on a somewhat reliable schedule (i’m no purist) and go to school successfully and keep the money coming in job-wise, i’ll be quite satisfied. i still have to figure out where relaxation time comes in, that is, time where i can read or vege or sleep or whatever just for “shits and grins” as they say (i’m quoting someone else, so it’s not really cussing, promise.) and there’s more, much more i want, but for now, i’m trying to stick to the basics that will at least keep my motor running, so to speak, so the other stuff i yearn for (yes, yearn) will at least be somewhat reachable.

p.s. my wireless network is up and running ~ so who knows? i might be posting this from my bed or my kitchen floor or my bathtub. very exciting, and somewhat titilating. also, comments are now formatted as popups, yay. i like popup comments, they’re much prettier and in general add easy texture to a site, dontcha think? oh i also changed the picture at the top there. aww, isn’t mama cat cute? but watch out: look at those eyes. see? she’s mellow trouble.

p.s.2 in aug 2003, the washington post reported that george w. bush had spent 27% of his presidency on vacation. (for more info, check this out and this too.) fast forwards to 2004, this guardian article ups that number to 40%, or over 500 days. that’s a whole lot of vacation, folks.

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