the last weekend

i tend to write here on fridays ~ this will be the third friday in a row that i post something, and i’m sure the same is largely true for most of the other months. i do feel a definite lightness in my step, ready to relax and have the best of all things: unscheduled time!

some things that make me happy right now:

~ my mom gave me a gift card two christmas’ ago for a food chain that only existed on the east coast.. until a few weeks ago when i discovered a brand spankin’ new location just minutes away from work. yay for free food!

~ i’m developing a schedule that will last me through the year that is slowly but surely looking to be a pretty good balance of what i want to do and what i need to do (knock on wood). if that sounds too vague, sorry. but trust me, it makes me happy.

~ i’m in the middle of a really fun book, “Sorcery & Cecilia”. yes, it’s a YA book; YA fantasy books are hands down my absolute favorite reading. this one is a great example of it: smart writing, believable, creative, funny!, suspenseful, and with some really personable characters.

~ i have lots of yarn projects to choose from, with everything ready & waiting: yarn, needles, and patterns. which would you choose: a sweater, a slip, a short poncho (the infamous paris loop), some slippers, or a bikini?

~ i’m going to the central library this weekend, probably early sunday afternoon, which is one of my favorite places in l.a.

~ also, i’m considering getting some audio books from the library for my morning commute and even to listen to sometimes while at work (cutting & pasting is deadening to the brain i tell you.)

~ i got a copy of a dvd recently called “yoga for inflexible people”. the name alone is priceless, but i’m pretty excited about getting some muscle back into this puddle of skin i call my body. :)

~ also, i bought a jumprope a couple weeks ago, the kind you used to use in school with the little plastic tubes that rattle around and make that nice jumprope sound when they hit the ground. (ooh, i’m a poet i didn’t know it my feet showed it, they’re longfellows.*) anyways, i just need to remember to warm up (before jumproping, pathetic, huh?) because last time i hurt my calves a lot. sheesh.

~ it’s friday!

(*my family always says this whenever we accidentally rhyme. it’s fun, give it a try. also, to be real goofy, stick out your feet and point to them while saying it. ah, i’m such a dork.)

(oh, and this post is called ‘the last weekend’ because school starts next saturday for me. yes, school on saturdays! but only every other saturday, phew.)

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