super sunday

hi there ~ sunday night and all’s well. to sum up: today has been a good day, full of computer learning, library perusing and web browsing; i just ate a very good tamale with burnt cheese (the crispier the better, i say); and the air is beautifully crisp.

also, although i was curious about audio books, i ended up not getting any from the library: it was too hard to find the right book. i figured i didn’t want to get a book i knew i’d like, because i’d rather read it myself. but i didn’t want to get a book i wasn’t interested in, because .. well, that’s self-explanatory. so i had to choose a book that i was so-so interested in, that normally i would bypass but then think about somewhat regretfully later, trying to remember the name. but since it would have been my first audio book, i wanted to make sure it was a good experience, which means ideally a really good book. so silly, i know. afterwards, i was kinda relieved because i was also worried i wouldn’t like the reader’s voice, or the way they triumphantly/calmly/angrily/etc read a certain passage, or (the horror) maybe there would be really cheesy background music. so that was that, no audio book was chosen.

in other news, i got a gmail invite (yay) but i have to choose a name. of course, andrea at gmail is gone (lucky girl whoever you are). so i’ve been racking my brain trying to find something clever. or adult without being boring. i already have lots of email accounts, as i’m sure do most people using the internet on any kind of regular basis. in fact, i have five: one for ucla, one for work, one at this site, and two from hotmail. then i also have the forever-forwarding from my old college account. i hate having to keep track of all of them and i’ve been trying to get rid of the hotmail accounts but weaning my family in particular has been difficult. so, a sixth email account? but it’s gmail.. yes, i’ve bought the hype. (btw, a big problem with gmail, as i understand it, is that there isn’t POP3 or IMAP capabilities so i won’t be able to use or thunderbird to check, but there is the very handy gmail extension for firefox that tells me what i get new mail.)

so that’s all for now ~ awfully self-involved, huh? .. as you can see, i’ve been faced with some serious dilemmas today. all i can say is.. thank goodness! i don’t want to be a drama queen or a moping perpetually-sad wallflower. so, yay to the little controversies and quandries, i much prefer them.

p.s. i’ve been thinking about just being openly bloggy and listing more than one post at a time on this index page but when i did i realized immediately it was a no go. why? because it was embarrassingly obvious when viewing post after post after post that i write too much. my posts are tremendously long, especially when compared to most other blogs. so, thank you, dear reader, you are (literally) one in a billion.

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