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last night i dreamt about flying. or really it was more like this morning. most often i dream, or at least remember the dreams, if i first wake up (because of the noise outside of my apartment, or mama cat is crying, etc) and then go back to sleep. that’s what happened this morning, woke up around 9 am, fed the cats, and stumbled back to bed till noon. anyways, about the dream..

we were on a family vacation, in italy, and i wanted to look around and explore the outside and inside of the higher buildings around us and everyone asked how are you going to do that? just go up to people and ask them if you can go in, since you speak italian? and i said real casually, nope, i’m just going to hop up there and then i started flying. all i would do is push off with the tips of my toes and, as i later explained to my little sisters, you just imagine that there is no gravity and then there isn’t (simple, really). oh and i do have to push (i.e. flap) my hands or my feet every once in a while.

so i flew around and then i went back to my family and all three of my sisters wanted to try it, and so i explained to them how i do it and off we went. then, i got in a fight, while flying, with my older sister and, as i was holding her hand because she was still nervous about flying, i brought her down and let go of her hand. (i let her down with a bit of a jolt to the ground, which i felt bad about but we were fighting after all).

then i was all of a sudden back in maryland, with my cousin maria jose, and i was showing her how to fly. it was real windy so i told her not to fly higher than this certain tree in the woods or else the wind would blow you to who-knows-where. so we’re flying around and we notice there’s these men in the house, or rather around the construction of the house (the family house in maryland always seems to be in some state of construction or another). one of the men, seeing us, smirks and pulls something out of his pocket, some kind of laser thing (yeah, i’m a sci-fi dork in a lot of ways) but it doesn’t work on us because we’re flying, see? so i grab this laser thing from him (i think it momentarily paralyzes people it’s pointed at) and off maria jose and i go flying around trying to escape from these guys but still check out the house and make sure everything’s ok and also try to figure out why these guys are here.

and then i woke up. fascinating, huh? this is some stuff i found about “flying dreams”, and dreams in general, on google:

  • ~ i spontaneously dream about flying pretty regularly, about half a dozen times a year (but only for the last five years or so) so that supposedly makes me a “lucid dreamer”, although by some definitions that means i should be aware i’m dreaming while dreaming, which i’m not. in fact, in my dreams while i’m flying i just think to myself ‘oh that’s right, i can fly. why do i always forget that? i should do this (flying) more often.’
  • ~ about a third of the population dreams about flying
  • ~ flying dreamers tend to believe in and experience esp
  • ~ it’s generally accepted that dreams happen during the REM period of sleeping and you remember your dreams most often when you don’t smoothly transition from sleep to waking (huh, happens all the time).
  • ~ also, although it’s not clear whether other animals dream (not clear?! my cats are hunting and playing in their dreams, i’m sure of it, with all of that tail twitching and toes clenching) armadillos have the longest REM peoriod of all animals outside of humans.
  • ~ for some, flying dreams mean you have a desire to be free and above all difficulties (duh, that’s what i always want, doesn’t everyone?)
  • ~ some believe we dream the most before being born
  • ~ also, some believe that depressed people dream the most

i have no idea what the evil parylyzing-laser-carrying construction men part means.

p.s. i’ve been listening to the song “man who ruled the world” recently a lot, both the original by david bowie and as covered by nirvana. i love this song, reminds me of roy orbison crossed with the beatles, plus it’s very mysterious.

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