broken window

hi there ~ it’s a hint-of-rain sleepy wednesday but i must say my feet are a little sore. why, you ask? because my car was broken into saturday or sunday night ( i was happily homebound most of the weekend and didn’t discover what had happened until monday morning, running late to work. sigh.) and i’ve had to walk and take the bus basically everywhere. so, back to wearing jeans and not skirts (not a hassle i want to deal with right now) and back to hording quarters. but something pretty important and nice: i forgot how much i really like riding the bus! so that’s a definite yay.

about the break-in: whoever did it is an idiot. a few years ago i had some major problems with the fancy-shmancy computer that ran the alarm system in my car (warning: vw cabrios are bad bad news), resulting in my being unable to turn the car on for hours at a time sometimes, or the doors locking and impossible to open even with the key. so the helpful slimebally dealer disabled my trunk, saying it was somehow affecting the whole alarm thing, and then, thoughtfully, took out my horn without telling me. but he did tell me that to fix the alarm and trunk would cost at least $700. now he thought since he had sneakily disabled my trunk without really telling me, and furthermore advising me not to lock my doors even manually so that the faultiness of the car alarm wouldn’t prevent me from even driving my car, that for sure i would be back, $700 in hand. i mean, after all, i was in l.a. with a pretty new car: how in the world could i manage to leave the car unlocked? and furthermore, since it was so new, only dealers could get the required parts to fix it and his dealership was the biggest and closest to me. ah, the sneaky jerk.

anyhow, to make a long story short (too late): i have driven around l.a. for over three years now without once locking the driver’s side door or having seen the inside of my trunk. lady luck has been with me, indeed. so, back to the stupidity of whoever broke in.. one, i had nothing zip nada of value. so what was taken? a hamper full of dirty laundry. arggggh. two, the driver’s side door was, as explained, open as ever. so what did the robber do? break the passenger’s side door window to get into the car! arrrrrgh. there was no need for that at all: increased chance of getting caught for said robber, and more shock and sadness and $$ for me. sux.

and knowing someone had my dirty laundry, brrrr, a little scary. such a weird break-in, huh? .. but for a happy-ish ending that i also feel a little weird about: i found my clothes this morning! walking to the metro station, what do i see on the sidewalk a block or so from my apartment? a heap of clothes, wet from rain and covered with ants and leaves. so i pulled out my favs: a pair of brand new jeans, an old t-shirt of my mom’s that i love, a striped blue shirt of my brothers that’s just years old and some other stuff. i was (as always) late to work, but i now feel bad about leaving all the rest of the clothes there. at the very least, i should throw it away. it’s sad to think of my clothes lying there, unwanted and maybe stared at with disgust by the passerbys, evidence of the dirtiness of l.a.

also, question: is it really really gross to wear clothing that had been lying out on the street for three days? is there a limit, i.e. undergarments? sigh.

it’s hard to acheive balance when unplanned disturbing things happen. of course, if one is already at balance in their lives, then i think it would be easier to keep that balance, but i’m nowhere near that. i’ve been pretty socially isolated recently, notwithstanding school starting (which has been good so far), and that has given me lots of time to think. but also lots of time to vege: reading tawdry novels, bad television, and aimless web surfing. oh well. i do feel less emotionally frazzy and more centered on what i want and what is good for me, so that’s good. unfortunately, thinking isn’t the problem; implementation is always the real challenge.

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