stashing part 1

happy monday? hope so.. theoretically it’s now monday morning as i type this but i’ve sworn to myself that i will close this laptop and go. to. sleep. as soon as i finish this post, so really it’s still sunday night for me.

i’ve been all techie here lately ~ time for some pretty yarn, don’t ya think? .. behold, my yarn stash.

my stash of yarn

and now for some explanation..

  1. 1 cascade 220, 100% wool, ready for more felting fun, nice vibrant color
  2. 2 halycon pearl cotton, ready for knitty’s hush if i ever get up the nerve to start it
  3. 3 cheap lovely cascade’s ‘key largo’ pima cotton/alpaca mix, for interweave’s knit summer 04 ‘ballet pullover’, already gauged up and ready to go
  4. 4 $1 off-white mercenized cotton, was thinking of making lace pillow-thing from ‘weekend knitting’?
  5. 5 green mountain spinnery’s ‘mountain mohair’, need to buy another skein to finish a sophie bag (i love felting, can’t ya tell?)
  6. 6 my new rice cooker! just bought it today, and that is my buy of the month, besides that little yarn splurge i took last week.. but really, this cooker is awesome. love it, love it.
  7. 7 classis elite star yarn to make snb’s bikini, all in black. started the top but i still need to buy a crochet hook to finish it..
  8. 8 my beautiful poof yarn that i totally frogged after not being happy with how the paris loop was coming along
  9. 9 some nice bagged yarn that looked so spring and cheery, no project in mind right now
  10. 10 ah, my debbie bliss slippers (from ‘simple living’) ~ one is done and great, the other alas is much too large. too lazy to fix it right now
  11. 11 r2 paper 50% off, was thinking of knitting flush or maybe tasty
  12. 12 bagged-on-sale yarn i was thinking of knitting along with number 14..
  13. 13 some bamboo silk yarn i couldn’t pass up, no idea what to make with it
  14. 14, with number 12, i was thinking of making rowans’ tammy (from ‘it’s a tape thing’) even though the yarn isn’t that fancy tape yarn
  15. 15 plymouth’s sockotta yarn, it looks so clean and comfy, no pattern yet but i got out a good sock pattern book from the library
  16. 16 three skeins of beautifully soft brown alapca yarn, mmm

and this is why i cannot must not will not buy more yarn .. at least this month. no, really longer longer it must be ~ i cannot afford to be a knitter at this rate. .. and if you’re wondering about the “part 1” title of this post, i have more stash goodness, consisting of mags, books, needles, and accessories. ay.

p.s. i have knitted a lovely something-or-other but am planning it as a christmas present so i cannot tell what it is, but i promise i’m not just a yarn hoarder.

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