bush v kerry, round 3

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i haven’t been able to find the torrent for the 3rd debate just yet, but here’s a link to the torrents for round 1 and round 2, both from the same source.. so, surely, within a few hours or so, there will be a link to the third debate on this same site: tvtorrents.net. you might also try torrentocracy.com or demonoid which also have the first two debates available. torrentocracy is only posting legal torrents.. not sure how that is assured exactly, but if it matters to you, that might indeed be the place to go. also, don’t forget the ever-popular-for-general-torrenting suprnova.org and torrentreactor.net.

update: demonoid has posted the 3rd debate – you have to register to download, but it’s free.

in the meantime, here’s transcripts from all three presidential debates, as well as the vice-presidential debate. and here’s audio (requires real player) of the third debate, courtesy of pbs’ debate coverage. if you can’t/don’t use real player, torrentocracy has an audio mp3 of the third debate posted.

.. i still can’t believe the moderator didn’t ask a single question about the environment or civil liberties .. argggh.

of all four moderators, i liked gwen ifill from pbs, who moderated the vice-pres debates, the best, especially this part:

IFILL: Mr. Vice President?</p>

CHENEY: I can respond, Gwen, but it’s going to take more than 30 seconds.

IFILL: Well, that’s all you’ve got.

plus her questions were much oh so much better than tonight’s. and, hello!, she’s not an old white male.

i think john kerry did a good job overall but he was doing so well up to the question about the effect the women in his life have had on him, particularly his wife and daughters and .. well, his answer was less than satisfactory and that same feeling leaked into his closing statement. sigh. bush did better tonight than any of the other nights, only because at the end with that part about laura bush and god and all. but i don’t think his statement “And she (laura bush) speaks English a lot better than I do. I think people understand what she’s saying” is really something people want to hear from the president of the united states. hee.

still, i like kerry better having seen all three debates and i bet i’m not the only one ~ and he’s just so freakin’ tall! it was funny how whenever a split-screen of the two candidates was done the cameras (at least on cnn) would zoom in on bush so that he’d look as tall as kerry.. sometimes kerry would seem so far away and bush would be filling up the whole screen with his big head. :)

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