[very exciting, little idea of what disappointement is coming up]hello. as these photos show, i’m a very frustrated knitter today.

after my very first blocking (went well, was fun) and seaming (not so bad, but not so pretty either), i put my brand-new spankin’ sweater on and wow! wayyy too short.

roughly two inches above my belly button, and the sleeves that were supposed to be 3/4 length look more like 1/2 length.

sigh sigh. [sigh]

at least the yarn was cheap (half off on all r2 yarn) and it didn’t take too long to knit, just three days or so.

but i had aleady had some struggles starting this project: there were no less than half a dozen mistarts involving frogging many many rows over and over again. that was somewhat expected since i always leap before i look, but this end result was definitely a stronger-than-expected result of that tendency.

so what was the problem?

i was supposed to use 15s and i used 10s.

i swatched 15s, i know i did, but i must have picked up 10s to start knitting by accident and just never realized it.

arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh. typical sloppy rushed me.

and to top it off: still congested, got a parking ticket last night at 1 am, and i have to rush to school to write an assignment before class starts at 1:30.


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