election clips & mopes

lately it seems every day friends are pointing out more clips, thirty second movies, and ads all about the upcoming presidential elections, so i thought i’d put them all together in one place.

unfortunately, for some of these you need real player. for other non-realplayer files, i’m happy to report that vlc workes very well on mac and pcs and it’s neither proprietary nor complicated to set up or run. it runs wmv, mov, avi, and lots more, so try it out.

update: well it seems the internet archive’s election 2004 coverage, with an impressive 400+ movies, clips and more, basically has everything i list below, but i figure i’ll leave the list since sometimes their server is a bit overloaded.

i haven’t checked these out yet, but here’s some more:

ok, now a favorite:

  • » it’s not about the election per se but it’s really funny and still pertinent: zefrank’s redalert, whcih i’ve mirrored here

it’s been raining like crazy in l.a. the past three or four days. i love love! rain but haven’t been able to really appreciate it this time except for a little bit on tuesday ~ i’m either stuck at work or feeling sad in my apartment.

oh. my apartment is a mess. they fumigated (!) the building last week and i had to dump everthing into my one ‘room’ (i live in a single, joy joy). one good thing is that i’ve sorted out what i really truly don’t need, and haven’t touched in months, which i now have piled by the door to take out once the rain goes away. until then, though, i’m stuck with a pile of ordered and unordered stuff .

i’ve been in a funk for a while now. moody moody. yuck. don’t know why exactly because even if some things are looking up (any number of things: money, job, school, friends, whatever), i still feel purpose-less and quiet, you know what i mean? anyway you look at it, i’m not terribly happy. i’m ok, you know; i’m one of those people that will always be “o.k”. i’m just not happy on any kind of regular steady basis. i feel restless and kinda clausterphobic.

for weeks and weeks now, one of my favorite ways of going to sleep is to imagine how i will live in the future, how my apartment (either this one or a future imaginary one) will look and how happy i’ll be in it. pppft.

(later: i have to clarify that my living situation is far far better than it has been for literally years. but it’s the easiest problem to diagnose and one that doesn’t seem insurmountable. arg.)

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