[i love my new bookshelves!]this is what happens to me when my site is down for two days: i get super organized. not only did i get a brand new fridge (well, used, but it’s new to me) that doesn’t need de-frosting every week, but i also tossed the following things that hadn’t been touched in over a year:

  • » old possibly-broken yogurt maker
  • » crockpot
  • » too small food processor
  • » portable cake carrier
  • » vintage (i.e. broken) bread warmer
  • » a big tub of shortening
  • » some placemats i never ever use
  • » wooden salt and pepper shakers that had more style than function
  • » some old prettily-painted metal food trays

[look at all that space!]and i got new shelving!

i’ve been hankering for some more shelving recently but when i go to thrift stores, i never see the type i want. so, in a fit of inspiration, i went to a hardware store yesterday, got some lumber and bricks, and ta-daa my new shelves! very exciting. the top picture shows my newly-organized computer space – that’s my kitchen table and the fridge is on the right. now it’s such a cozy nook, especially with the christmas lighting. i love it.

i figured out that the more of the floor i can see, the bigger the room feels. so, in this second picture, it’s a pretty low bookshelf but the cleared floor underneath it makes that space just open up so much. these shelves make up my craft space, so organized! i love the baskets, just got them, they’re from lantern moon, two out of a set of four.


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