so while i’m still thinking about major changes here in this old here site, i’m nowhere near ready to make any concrete plans much less implement them. something called school (and work, sigh) are in the way.

but here are some photo pretties to make this page a tad more interesting than usual ;)

i got this pretty inca organic cotton at the southern california handweavers guild’s annual weaving and spinning festival. in the top photo you can also see that gorgeous alpaca yarn i got. so soft ~ and i love burying my face into it and jsut smelling it. the cotton i love to squeeze and rub against my face. pretty inexpensive too, sweet!

the sweater i picked out from an old rebecca i bought a while back. it looked pretty easy to do.. or rather, i understood the directions, which pretty much set it apart from almost all the other rebecca sweater designs. ;) i’m a little worried that the cotton will be too heavy for this design – it’s bulky or worsted (can never remember the difference) but it’s knitting up so prettily i can’t help myself. if it’s too heavy to wear around normally, i’ll just have to keep it by the sofa and only wear it while watching tv immobily sitting.

please look at the last pic, this beautifully nubbly up-close shot. i’m very proud my camera was able to take this photo, and doesn’t it just look lovely? sigh! i just hope i have enough yarn to finish this – the yardage for the inca cotton seemed outrageously long, but i’m crossing my fingers it works out fine.

in other news, school is going well, work is going well, my family is happy (my brother and his wife just bought a house!), my cats are happy—in short, all is (pretty much) well and good. no complaints from me (today, at least ;)

some good things seen recently:

  • ~ if you haven’t heard of this great site, please check out: sorry everybody – over 1700 pictures and counting..
  • ~ firefox 1.0 has been released! you gotta download this browser – it’s fast, blocks popups like nobody’s business, pretty (and with downloadable themes), free, and, best of all, open source (i.e. a major threat to corporations like microsoft and good for us little folks)
  • ~ i am very very intrigued by the much-hyped delicious library, which promises to “import, browse, and share all your books, movies, music and video games.” think mac’s iphoto, but better. am quite tempted to plunk down the $40 for it..
  • ~ tutorial on recycling an old book to make an incredibly useful circular needlecase

more pics of the sweater coming soon- i think i’ll finish the back by tomorrow (ay my poor hands!) bye and have a great tuesday!

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