just back

hi there! just got back from the california library association’s annual conference up in san jose. i had such a great time, even though i only went to one workshop and two lectures/speeches. i’d never been to san jose before and i think my legs shrunk a little from all that driving and sitting in my little car, but it was well worth it.

more details later, i’m pretty tired right now but:

  • ~ walt crawford is just as enjoyable in person as he is in cites & insights (which, if you’re a librarian/archivist and don’t read are seriously missing out on important digital info)
  • ~ san jose is quite veggie friendly; i recommend vegetarian house and inca gardens (which sadly might be forced to move at the end of this month but has delicious peruvian/andean food)
  • ~ i like watching wedding celebrations and i often end up crying
  • ~ trying to drive slower than 80 mph is hard after five hours on interstate 5
  • ~ lemony snicket (aka daniel handler) is just as funny and smart in person as you would think (and hope) he is, plus he has a cute kinda towny accent
  • ~ san jose’s new public library, the joint-use martin luther king library, is one of the best libraries i think i’ve ever ever been in
  • ~ after taking the wireless networking workshop, i now understand the difference between 802.11b and 802.11i
  • ~ i love having a working fridge – haven’t had to defrost it once yet! went away for two days, came back and the food is still good, can’t believe it
  • ~ an idea i had the other day already exists and it’s called ‘power over ethernet
  • ~ ran out of my inca cotton yarn, darn (hey, rhyming!) and i still have a sleeve and a half to go
  • ~ i want wimax, and so do you (even if you don’t know it yet)
  • ~ yay! i have a book package waiting at the post office
  • ~ despite feeling still a little creeped-out by the whole aslan-as-jesus and other religious references in his beloved kids’ classics, i now like c.s. lewis a whole bunch more after seeing this great quote of his at that fabulous new library:

“some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again”

good night and more info tomorrow,


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