hi there, i’ve been so busy at work getting ready for our annual fund drive that my fingers are starting to get cold again, not a fun sign.

but, in happy knitting news, i finished the front and back of my pretty inca cotton sweater, ran out of yarn, and am now impatiently waiting for two more skeins to arrive at my door. i really only needed one skein, but the yarn is just so gorgeous to both look at and knit with, i couldn’t help it.

anyhow regarding these photos, i’m almost done with this project for a secret someone. can you guess what it is? thank goodness the pattern instructions include some photos because if not i’d have been scratching my head for hours. the bottom photo is just mama cat looking darn cute in the window (and isn’t my curtain pretty? ;)

so far it’s turning out really well (i love seed stitch!) but there’s still some work to do.. i want to get this surprise gift out in the mail tomorrow if at all possible so i’ve a bunch to do. the yarn is debbie bliss wool/cotton and so far it’s been great, and so soft, which is key. i’m a little worried about how my grubby dirty hands might have changed the color a tad so i will definitely wash and block before i send it off.

in other news, i recieved a totally bogus ‘pay or leave within three days’ notice from the (new) owners of the building i live in. they say they’re missing rent from, get this, september! that’s right, two months ago. the idiots don’t realize i have a reciept from the previous manager saying she had recieved my sepetember rent, and of course, i also have records from my bank saying the check was cashed. it seems they put similar notices on a lot of people’s doors, i guess to try and scare us off so they could get new renters at a much higher price. ah, but they don’t know who they’re messing with, do they? grrrr.

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