so, the quarter is almost almost done. after class tomorrow night and then class tuesday afternoon, i’ll be officially done for the year 2004. all the work is completed already (that’s a first for me ever, yay. finally!) but the final projects still have to be presented, so once that’s done, i’m done. i am officially webbed out though – in the last week, i basically created or made major revisions to three different web sites/pages. i am pooped and have very little feelings in my fingers left.

i have plans on buying a christmas something-or-other tomorrow.. i just can’t make up my mind if it should be an actual tree (which would have to be teeny or else it’d make me depressed about my apartment, but that doesn’t matter much, i like little things) or just a garland. basically, i want the smell of pine in my home now, but the idea of a tree, my own christmas tree, kinda freaks me out. so adult-ish.

i blocked my sweater tonight, i’ll seam wednesday night at the latest. it looks so pretty all laid out, here’s to hoping my seams act nice and the sweater will still look as pretty when all seamed up. i’m imagining a lot of satisfaction and happy dancing around once i get it done and actually put it on. hee, i can’t wait.

other than that.. i’m discovering i’m in some danger of becoming one of those people who always complain. i’ve made a note of it and that’s all i’ll say about it for now.

i’m thinking more and more about librarianship and less and less about archiving. one seems more snooty, the other more accessible. one is easier to find jobs in, the other harder [not the right word. maybe ‘more anal’? i’m not even sure since i’ve never been a librarian, but archivists/record managers are a little too ‘detailed-oriented’, let’s say, for me..] and with crappier pay. thank goodness i’m taking another year for school.

everything is pretty good for me right now, but it’s just hard to stop and realize because i’m so dang busy, i hate it. ops, complaining again, huh. but, in a backward way, i was also doing the opposite, appreciating life and all that. hm.

p.s. btw, work-wise, we raised over $185,000, wayyy over our goal of $115,000. very cool and very exhausting. oh, and color-wise for this page, think snowflakes (says a snow-deprived angeleno).

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