hi there ~ so yes, i finished classes, hip hip hooray. and i just got a plane ticket to go the family home for christmas, which is indeed a relief, i was starting to worry about finding even semi-resonable prices.

as you can see, blocking happened. i don’t have a fancy board or even the room to spread out, plus i have cats that think every soft cushion-y area is set up especially for them, so i stack my blocked items and don’t take any showers till i’m done blocking (i’m a single gal after all, in a very small apartment. hence three, maybe four towels total.)

however, as you can also see, i’ve attached a sleeve (actually both) and although last night i was all ‘fuck it! it’s done! i’m not re-redoing those sleeves!’, this morning, with more clarity (i.e. sleep), i reconsidered. sure, it’s a pain to seam. sure, i have no real idea what i’m doing, much less how much ‘ease’ there is in each sleeve, much less where to put it. but look at that seam, for goodness sakes. it’s o.k.

not good enough. i put wayyy to much effort, and emotional energy, darn it!, to just have an “o.k.” sweater, thank you very much. so… back to the drawing board. i’m looking around for help, online and off. in the new knitty (yay), there’s the second installment on designing sleeves, which gives me some insight, but i need more. this helps but i think vogue knitting and that sweater patterns books i just got will help the most.

in the meantime, while mulling over whether to take a nap (i’m beat!) or start a-seaming, i played around with a photo of mine in photoshop. stop groaning, yes i’m a newbie and it shows. oh well. but it was fun and i especially like the grey and white one. (ooh, i dyed my hair recently – supposedly a whitewhite blonde but it came out more like strawberry blonde. also, you can see how tired i am in the color one. i need sleep!) actually i have like half a dozen on my desktop, all with different filters applied, but to post that many picture of myself, however altered, online at once takes more balls than i have. or more ego. either way, it’s a good thing, trust me.

some things on my mind recently:

  • ~ have you seen these drawings of cartoon skeletons? [from] i’m hoping the next installment will be of barbies. the betty boop one that’s up now looks so out of proportion, so that makes me thing the barbie one would really be shocking.
  • ~ go see kinsey if you haven’t yet, it’s really good. i don’t usually like liam neeson but just because of that movie, i kinda do now.
  • ~ i recently found two good online book sites that are cheeeeap: and they both have tons of knitting and kid’s lit books, my favs recently.
  • ~ it’s taking a whollllle lot of control not to order any of this. remember, elann is evil (tempters that they are).
  • ~ i want to knit this. and i can’t help but like oh way too much of all their other stuff, sadly. thank goodness it’s too expensive for me. but i could knit that one sweater, couldn’t i? hm.
  • ~ today, wangari maathai, founder of the greenbelt movement in kenya, was awarded the nobel peace prize. didn’t know much about her initially, but since reasearching a bit, i think she’s great.
  • ~ ok, ok, i keep adding stuff, can’t help it. “Did you know that Microsoft owns anything that you might post on MSN Spaces [their new online blogging application]?” [from librarian in black]

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