introducing kiyra oahn hoffman, my niece!

on november 12, 2004 this beautiful baby was born – two days later, on the fourteenth, my sister and her husband were called saying there was a baby ready to be adopted.

it’s now been a month and a day that they’ve had her and as of last night at midnight, it’s official – she is part of our family forever and ever now.

i cannot wait to see her – the pictures have been so tantalizing and argh! my big sister is a mommy! a mommy. crrrrazy. this is the sis who used to grab my books from me, while fighting, and just hold them above her head (she was, and is, much taller than me), look at me, smile, and bend the book back, slowly slowly breaking the spine. well, miss-poopy-diapers-and-no-sleep-for-at-least-a-year, look who’s laughing now!

::hopping from one foot to the other:: i go back to maryland in three days, three days..

p.s. if your browser can’t ‘see’ iframes, try this, and if you don’t have flash, you can see the pics here.

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