my christmas tree

i was getting a little blue on tuesday night – no tree, no clean clothing, and a really messy apartment. just a few hours later, all that changed. a sweet friend bought me a little tree (yes, it’s only a bit bigger than my cat, or my computer.. 2’4” of sweet ‘noble fir’) and gave me a bunch of quarters for the basement washing machine and dryer (as well as accompanying me downstairs, which has suddenly grown scarier with formerly mesh-covered big holes in the walls now with broken mesh lying around in tatters. shiver).

with all that help, it was easy as pie to sweep up, mop up, organize, and plan/daydream about the upcoming changes i’ll be making to my apartment when i get back from the east coast festivities. in the works: a new bed! and duvet, and sheets, and big boxes that slide for under the bed to hold sweaters and pants. yay!

in other news, here’s some helpful christmas links:

amanda provided a great link to the site i used to believe, which collects people’s beliefs they had as kids, ranging from thinking seeds swallowed would result in trees growing inside bellies to thinking clowns ‘were born that way’.

my belief? “i swear on all that’s holy, until i was around 13 or so, i used to believe that really truly one day a dragon would just burst out of the sky, lift me up, and carry me off to the world i was really supposed to be living in. ” no joke, that. i still sometimes glance up at the sky, squinting and sighing.

a final declaration/confession: i have not bought or completed making a single gift and therefore am 0% close to being done with my christmas shopping.

[flash snow courtesy of my old high school’s nifty website]

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