holiday madness

hey there ~

it’s almost 11 am here on the east coast and i have a few minutes of break time, all alone, for the first time since i got home yesterday morning at 6 am. i love my family but we are a pretty intense bunch – so time like this is precious indeed. any minute my mom will walk in the door with a ton of food that needs to be laid out for an impromptu holiday brunch/belated birthday celebration for my nephew niko. also, any minute my brother, sister-in-law, and their two kids, ri & niko, will ring the door, ready for some tree decorating. and, any minute my dad and two younger sisters will drive up in the truck with a big beautiful tree. very fun, glad i have a camera to take photos, but sigh, this silence right now is very nice indeed.

whenever i’m around my sisters, especially, at least the last bunch of times we’ve hung out, we really get to talking about serious issues: relationships, sex, fears we have, goals and dreams, in short, all the good stuff. in between we squeeze in singing silly 80s songs together (for some reason, A-ha means christmas to us, especially their first album) and practically swooning and/or squealing over christmas anticipation and happiness. i love my sisters, and love these opportunities to chat and catch up on each other’s lives.

i finally got to meet my lovely new niece - pictures forthcoming, promise. she is an adorable sweet baby, softly exuding that great baby smell all little ones seem to come with, with the most animated eyebrows and, in general, face, i’ve ever seen on a baby. of course, to have my sister as her mom, she’s gotta get good at that since my sister is the champ at happy loud exclmations, full of eyebrow waggling.

ok, off to steal a few more minutes reading.. at 1 pm my little sisters and me gotta go decorate for my older sister’s baby shower we’re helping to throw for her today. phew, busy day coming up.

hoping your day is great and hopefully very relaxing. ;)

p.s. just got a phone call from luci, one of the twins, saying that our tree is on the way but warning “it has a lot of personality”. hm. then i heard my dad in the background saying “tell her it’s flat on the bottom with very little on top. tell her!” and then luci hung up. hah, i love my family.

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