happy new year!

hope your holidays, especially ringing in the new year, went as planned and as happy as could be! i had a great night last night, though i was somewhat still recovering from a prety nasty cold that had laid me low since getting back from maryland.

january as a month feels so fresh to me, always brand new. i prefer old things, like knitting and books and december and winter, but there is somthing pretty charming about january and newness and (the promise of) spring.

i remember years ago i decided i would sometime in the future spend the whole month of january, when i would have my usual month-long vacation while in college, just learning html and how to create a web page. for some reason, that month made the most sense to me to learn about something that, for me at least, was so brand new and pretty intimidating. and i did learn, though it wasn’t till way after i finished college.

anyhow, the coming months (except for march, my birthday month!) mean newness to me – with all its awkwardness but also chance of starting anew things that had invariably gone awry last year.

one such thing is my lack of a bed! incredible as it may seem, i’ve been without a real bed since.. 2000. that was a college mattress, so it barely counts. i also had a futon for about 6 months a few years ago but i got it much used (ugh) and flat as a door. since then i’ve either slept on the floor in various bedrooms of mine or on couches. healthy for backs but sometimes, i want something that bounces and gives a little. plus the idea of sheets, crisp clean sheets, is a joy to contemplate.

so. today, oh yes! i’m buying a bed! can’t wait, can’t wait.

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