old friends

hello and happy 2005 to you ~

i did in fact get a bed, after a lot of hard work and hassle, but will leave that fascinating story (really!) for another day when i have access to pics taken. the end result: i am blissfully happy about my bed and am amazed and a bit angry at myself that i didn’t get one much much sooner.

lots of news going on in my neck of the woods, the least being the incredible mind-numbing amount of rain we’ve been getting here out in l.a. i swear it’s been raining cats & dogs practically non-stop since i got back! in the last 24 hours or so, there’s been a lull, but i’m not convinced it’s over. of course, my car window that got broken into a while back has yet to be replaced so, yup, my car is basically turning into a giant lovely specimen of mold.

however, ‘old friends’ is the title of this post and old friends is indeed what it’s about. i realized with a shock a few months back that 2005 marks not only the 5th anniversary of graduating from college but the 10th anniversary of my high school graduation. shocked, speechless, i wondered what would i do, would i go to the planned reunion or not, should i try and contact old buddies now that my high school’s web team (alas that it didn’t exist when i went there.. yes, it would have marked me a dork for life but i would have known web standards at age 18, darn it) has set up an excellent alumni site, etc etc. then, i got an email from an old friend, including some recent pics of her looking fabulous and happy. and now, just yesterday, i received another email from one of my best friends in high school with links to pictures from her recent wedding where she looks so incredibly happy and grown up. it’s all a bit bewildering but also great.

hm. yes, folks, i’m all excited about getting a bed and others are excited about being married. sigh. (..not that i want to be married right now, not at all. i like my life a lot the way it is. but sometimes i want to feel normal in specific ways that i really really am not.)

the main thing, however, is that in my last year of high school i just wanted, like so many seniors, to be out. of. there. and, unfortunately, this included me totally neglecting for the most part my high school friends. so, now, it’s very nice indeed to hear from them. these are the girls who i stayed up late all night playing spit with (great great game), eating jugs of still-powdered kool-aid, singing silly songs while driving fast speeds in un-parented cars, going to football rallies with, having water fights in the summer, and writing tons and tons of notes during classes. ah, those were fun days and the only other people who really remember them are these girls (and a few boys) who for a bunch of years were the main people in my life. is it too late to make up and be friends again?

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