rain rain go away come again another day

hello and happy friday ~

just heard on the radio that we’re expected to get something around 10 inches of rain during the next four days – which normally would be a lot for southern california as it is, but with the already twelve inches and more of rain we’ve received the past two weeks, this just means scarier and crazier driving conditions than ever.

i’m very happy to report not only am i still emailing my high school friend (hi amy!) that just got married but i also got a very cool email from my other closest friend in high school (hi erica!). they both sound so grown up and accomplished but what i like most is reading/seeing how much they are still the girls i used to know. very fun and i’m very glad to be in touch again. i remember in high school, and really all through school, elementary through college, i always was really bad at keeping in touch, at staying friends once i became friends, unless circumstances (i.e. classes, boys, dorm assignments, etc) made it easy. that’s a very bad habit to fall into and leads one down a lonely path for sure.

there’s about half a dozen people that i’ve met in various school circumstances that i really just clicked with and that i basically want to know forever. i don’t have to hang out or even be in touch with them all the time – but at least once in a while i want to hear from them, tell them what i’m up to, and just be in each other’s lives, you know? well, this recent communications makes me think i have two less people to hunt down, wonder about, and in general feel like i missed the boat on. yay.

in other news: first day of classes was this morning. my reference class, a requirement i skipped last year since i knew i was in for the three year haul. but now, here it and surprise surprise, i think i’m going to like it. definitely a class to take the knitting projects to, but all in a all, an interesting and happily not too demanding class, it seems.

lastly, some links: my i-can’t-believe-i-have-a-bed story and my new gallery/fotos section. please tell me if you have any problems seeing the fotos or if something looks whack (though the typical disclaimer “it’s a work in progress” applies as always, sigh). thanks and have a beautiful weekend unlike us here in 24/7 rain land!

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