book activity

checked out 1/8/05:

  • ~ court duel by sherwood smith ƒ
  • ~ half-human ed. by bruce coville ƒ
  • ~ indigo by alice hoffman ƒ
  • ~ the angel factory by terence blacker
  • ~ cold tom: a novel by salle prue
  • ~ varjak paw by s.f. said ƒ
  • ~ the pupperteer’s apprentice by anne d. love
  • ~ wise child by monica furlong
  • ~ moth-kin magic by kathy kennedy tapp
  • ~ well-wished by franny billingsley
  • ~ otton & the flying twins by charlotte haptie
  • ~ troll fell by katherine langrish
  • ~ community by design: new urbanism.. by kenneth b. hall

[ ƒ = finished reading, for more info see my booklist ]

i have ten books on hold too, mostly fiction, but some knitting books thrown in there (mostly debbie bliss’ baby books).

for the year 2005, i’ve already paid $15.10 in fines, with $2.50 still waiting to be paid. do they count for this year though? mostly they were accrued last year. ah well. i know i’ll never be able to reach the low limites of others.

you ask, is it still raining? we’ve gotten over 6 inches of rain in the past 72 hours, 2 of which were dumped on us in the past 12 hours. to keep this in context, the norm for l.a. is 2.76 inches for the whole month of january. i feel a little stir crazy – even for a water-crazy woman like myself, it is starting to get a bit ridiculous. don’t even ask about my car, ok?

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