playing hookie

it’s 7:30 in the morning. i have class at 9 but am seriously considering just skipping it. i haven’t finished the assignment due, it’s almost an hour drive to get there (though only 12 miles away. grrr, i hate l.a. traffic), i’m exhausted (we had an open house reception at work last night so i worked 12 hours yesterday, ugh), i’m underslept (for days and days now), after class, i’ll have to rush like crazy to get to work on time at 1 pm, and also trouble is sitting very sweetly on my lap purring like a sweetie. all the signs point to skipping this class.

it’s my reference class and today we’re learning about dialog. a nice friend at school lent me her notes so i’ve got a copy of all the handouts, etc and my assignment will be turned in late, so what. the teacher for this class gives extra credit on all kinds of stuff (yes, i am in grad school) so it shouldn’t matter. ok, yup. with all this i’ve convinced myself. i’m not going.

this way, i can sleep till noon and then leisurely wake up and drive myself to work, maybe even stopping and returning some library books, depositing my paycheck, etc. what i really really want to do right now is buy some yarn, rent some movies, and just be left alone till i fall asleep and sleep for a good twelve hours straight. but i can’t miss work, i need the pay – and anyway, a nap will do me much good but 12 hours of sleep in the middle of the day will make me depressed.

i am determined to not spend the next 4 hours on the internet just browsing like i did last night till 2 am. determined. as soon as i’m done with this post, i’m closing the laptop, setting the alarm, and going to sleep. i need very badly to have energy for the things i want to do – not just for work and school. i still haven’t even unpacked from the holidays yet, it’s just sitting there in the middle of the room with a growing pile of laundry surrounding it. fffffffff.

in a slump & on strike,

[btw, a friend found the pic online – makes me smile to see it, thought i’d share]

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