tammy concerns

just starting my day and it’s almost 4 pm… sigh. i stayed up last night till almost 5 am knitting, watching movies, and chatting on a forum supposedly devoted to politics but in general was more about socializing…it was a lot of fun but waking up at almost 1 pm today, i wondered where my saturday had gone. and then promptly stayed in bed for two more hours knitting and watching for the umpteenth time ladyhawke (great cheesy film, with a soundtrack by alan parsons, of i can read your mind fame).

yesterday after work i scored big time on some rowan cotton tape yarn that i’ve been envying for months but could no way afford at $11 a ball. happily, yesterday i looked in the sale trunk and there it was $10 for two balls in a pretty lilac and a deeper purple. i bought rowan’s it’s a tape thing months ago, when i was first starting to knit, and have felt slightly silly since i hadn’t yet made a thing from it. well, yesterday i got enough to make two sweaters, the tammy sweater and the infamous carla. (it’s pretty weird how the sweater patterns have female names. i don’t get it – naming boats after females makes a little more sense to me since sailors were traditionally male, but this knitting-naming thing? hm.)

anyhow, the stripey tammy sweater is coming along beautifully – i really like the colors, which look more like the second photo. i’m a little worried about the gauge. i didn’t swatch – just plump forgot in my excitement at knitting with rowan yarn as well as the pretty slipping on the cuffs/edges. it seems i’m getting the right amount of stitches widthwise but lengthwise my stitches are a little tight. i’ve had length problems before and i really really want to avoid that fiasco again. but, i’ve read online that the cotton tape does stretch – even though it’s cotton, which doesn’t usually. i guess because it’s tubular? anyhow, i will be watching very carefully.

now, on to the rest of my saturday. (feeling lonely, missing a boy.)

update: have switched to whopping size 13 and the gauge comes out perfect, lengthwise and widthwise. of course, that’s after i completed the front and a sleeve. ah well, ribbit ribbit.

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