cardweaving belt #1

this was done in a few hours late one night in 2002 listening to a friend of mine on the radio – my first cardwoven belt and, so far, my only one. it was relatively easy to do once i got the different tools assembled, namely the ‘cards’ themselves (cut out of cardboard with appropriate holes punched out with scissors), a fork, a heavy dull knife, and yarn.

i really like this belt, mostly because you can see plainly the progression made from a very loose weave to a more confident tight weave at the end, on the right hand side of the photo. i wasn’t following any pattern, just kinda turning the cards this way and that way.

for more info on cardweaving, or tabletweaving as it’s sometimes called, check out and, especially the gallery pages.

btw, you can only buy 50 or 100 cards at a time, so i went ahead and got 100 of them, which is way too many for me, especially considering i haven’t done a darn thing with them for a while now. so, if you’d like a dozen or so to give cardweaving a try, email me.

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