felted tab bag

i was thrilled when i finished this bag – though i had made the requisite ‘first scarf’, i considered this bag my real first knitted project.

i followed the simple and graceful pattern from that lovely felted knits (put out by interweave press). it’s a great great book, full of great pattern, and more than anything, great information demystifying the whole felting process.

felting (or pulling) took about two hours in the washing machine – with the bag zipped up in a pillow protector to keep the lint from invading the machine itself – with me periodically pulling it out, looking at it, squealing with delight, yanking at this or that corner, and then sticking it back in.

though you can still see the stitched rows a bit, i think it looks beautiful, and with very little of that felted ‘halo’ that often happens with other yarn (noro, for example).

finished: july 31, 2004
pattern: tab bag from felted knits
yarn: cascade 220

before i started, i knit up a gauge and then hand-felted it to make sure this whole felting thing was actually possible (!) : go here to see the felting process

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