the waiting game

it’s been a busy and pretty happy four days ~ but now i’m waiting impatiently for several projects to start and meanwhile my mind’s spinning with what i need to do and my body is protesting with all the prolonged sleep deprivation. silly i know to not get enough sleep, but there’s just too much i want to do, and really work and school is the least of it.

anyhow, what am i waiting for?

~ secret pals 4 (which will being roughly around the beginning of february.)

~ a new release of textpattern, my lovely cms/blogging application (once that’s up and running, i promise to work on the long-neglected projects page.)

~ the new interweave knits magazine (the annie modesitt dolman is beautiful!)

~ i finally caved and joined crafters choice – basically a book club for craftsy folk. most of the books offered are duds, in my opinion, but the deal to sign up – 4 books for $1 each – was too good to pass once i saw the few but great knitting books they have. so, on their way to me are the following: knitting in the old way, simply felt, simple knits with a twist, the knitter’s book of finishing techniques, stitch n’ bitch nation, and felted knits. yes, 6 books for less than $38, including shipping!

~ according to ups tracking, on friday i’ll get some nice cheap (and hopefully very soft) yarn to make my own top secret. still deciding on the whole turtleneck part of it, but the idea of knitting it in the round with very little seaming to do, yay!

~ (everybody’s working for) the weekend (duh. yes, i had a three day weekend last week but already i’m counting the days till friday. not a good job sign, i know. sigh.)

in the meantime, i’ve been organizing my apartment, getting rid of clothing i haven’t worn in years or even months, knitting like a mad woman, chatting all nights on forums online (yes, i’m a dork), and watching so many movies my head spins just thinking about it: pennies from heaven (loved the music!), woman of the year (ugh, so very dated), private benjamin (not as good as i remembered), enchanted april (remembered belatedly that i had already seen it but was happy to re-watch anyhow), and control room (very good, as expected).

the weather here has turned typical-southern-california-like, which means short skirts and flip-flops, and while that is relief from all those rainy days, still, fickle me, i’m already missing the rain.

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