sick day

my tammy sweater is done – and yet again (drum roll please) it seems like i made it too small. so frustrating. it’s blocking right now or else i’d disastrously model it. i’m hoping against hope that the washing and blocking will help either shrink it so it’ll just be a tight sweater or loosen it up so it’ll be like the sweater in the pattern book. this time i choose the right size, i got the correct gauge (after some false starts), but silly me, when the pattern said “to fit bust size ” they meant to fit tightly not loosely like on the model in the book. argh. argh- i know what stripes look like on me, and believe me, tight stripes is not a good look!

now, if i’d been experienced, i probably would’ve known that rowan patterns often have to be adjusted for fit, or else i would’ve figured out ahead of time that so-many stitches results in so-many inches and that would’ve helped me realize i need to move up a pattern size or two. but argh, i’m just a newbie. that’s so frustrating.

.. nonetheless, i learned a bunch of new skills: binding off in rib pattern, slipping stitches for decorative cuff part, knitting in more than one color (a simple skilly but boy was i happy with it!), raglan seaming and construction, and more than anything, a better understanding of the mattress stitch. typing that out makes me feel better, definitely. phew.

if there’s any change in how it fits me, i will definitely post a pic or two tomorrow of it on me, otherwise you’ll see a pic of it nicely draped on my bed ;)

oh, and, ahem, i’m sick today, cough cough, no work.

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