crazy hazy days of… winter

school has started with a bang and all is going well there right now (knock on wood). i can see why ucla graduates so many child librarians – ginny walters is a really really good teacher. she had a bunch of us practically in tears yesterday while she was telling a story proving how librarians can really make a difference in a kid’s life.

so.. yes, i’m torn in all three ways: archives, public librarianship, and systems librarianship. argh.

in other news, the education secretary has been making clear what her priorities are in her new job. ugh.

web site-wise, my site has been loading so horribly slowly the last few days – if anyone else has been having the same problems, could you email me? also, collette (of the funny and good paperhat) tells me she can’t see the entries i post here if they’re longer than a page – if you have that problem too, can you email me also? thanks.

[update: it seems like lots of people at my hosting place are having similar problems with slow load time so i submitted a help ticket and am waiting in line..]

here’s an amusing email i got the other day.. it looks like your average spam, but on closer reading, the first paragraph not only has a link to my own website (in case i need it, i suppose) but also took the first sentence from a post of mine a few months ago which, in this context, makes it a pretty weird sentence. in this email, i guess it’s supposed to make me think whoever sent this is in the same boat as me? bizarre, and thus probably computer generated.

MELLOWTROUBLE.NET: hi there, i ve been so busy at work getting ready for our annual fund drive that my fingers are starting to get cold again, not a fun sign.</p>

Could you please be so kind as to update your directory listing by Sunday so we can continue to list you, if you don’t mind? Updating your listing is free! Simply go to:


Check for your listing in Yahoo and Google there too!


last but not least, i joined my first web ring: librarian & archivists who knit. it’s still kinda small but will definitely grow – and already, i’m enjoying reading the other sites in the ring.

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