redesign fun

hello ~ man, i love this background image – ever time i look at it i want to shiver with both excitement at seeing snow as well as shivering becuase it must be so cold in that picture… yeah, yeah, i’m so snow-deprived, i’m getting silly, i know.

anyhow, as you can see, (unless you’re rss-reading, if so, get thee here!) i finally did the big old redesign i’ve been yammering on about for a while now. and i love it! i have some nice ideas for the rest of the site (such as the bolivia, projects, fotos, etc, sections) to hopefully tie it all together but that might take a few days.

i finally caved in and made this page display three posts at a time. the main reason i didn’t want to for so long was, at first, because i didn’t want to be a ‘blog’ (for pure anti-social & slightly snobby reasons) and to me a blog meant a) comments accepted, and b) a descending list of five or so posts. then, later, i didn’t want to have more than one post because i was trying to be all neat and keep this page to an ‘above the fold’ read (the fold being that invisible line where, if there’s content beneath it, you have to scroll beyond it) – but reality hit me after a while: i’m a chatterbox. and my posts were rarely short enough to stay ‘above’ the fold. (maybe it’s due to all the ellipses and parentheses – i’m obviously a big fan of both… hee.)

and now for some credit where credit’s due: the beautiful image comes from that great free stock image site i just stumbled on stock .xchng – specifically this one here. i’ve always love birch trees – all the more since my semester-abroad junior year in college when i lived in moscow for five months. appropriately, i just realized that the photographer is russian himself. yay for russia and their beautiful birch trees. css-wise, i adapted my css from, a design i’ve been eyeing enviously for a year now.

if you haven’t figured it out yet, that menu/nav bit has disappeared to the home page, as reminded by the little link in grey on the upper-left hand side of this page. the calendar & war statistics (sigh) are still on this page – you just gotta click on the links on the upper-right hand side that say, resepctively, ‘cal’ and ‘war’. also, i added a ‘rings’ thing so i could put in a link to the librarians & archivists who knit ring, of which i am now proudly a member.

in other non-techie news, i’ve decided i need to (not necessarily in this order): ride the bus/subway more often, try and make eye contact more often with random people on the street (for years now, i’ve been doing the duck-and-hide thing), and carry deoderant with me in my backpack. you live, you learn.

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