one thing about displaying more than a post at a time : it’s really easy to just give in to the urge to post more than once a day. before, i would think to myself ‘hold on to that idea for one day more because if not practically no one will ever see today’s earlier post’. now though, huh, i’m already thinking about extending the display to 5 posts at a time. woah, there, andrea.

anyhow, site re-design? more like site overhaul! check it out.. (and tell me if there’s any problems, once again, my nice web design guinea pigs!)

also, i did the sillyingly-unthinkable tonight: i deleted all my bloglines feeds. yup, the big d-word. i hadn’t even looked at my bloglines feeds in months and, as much as i enjoy some of those sites i subscribed to, i wasn’t in the mood to go through, in some cases, 200 posts for one site alone. so, delete delete i went. (it was fun.) and then, i added a bunch back in but decided that my number of feeds could not exceed the number of years i’ve been alive. (feels kinda similar to nancy pearl’s famous rule of 50.)

anyway, as a result, i’ve also come to three important conclusions regarding bloglines: i will mix up my feeds pretty regularly just so i don’t get stale on it all (once again) and i will use it primarily to see when new posts are, er, posted so that i can see the post in its own individualized and (usually) lovely design/colors/accompanying images/etc and i will try and find at least one blog covering my varying interests, including knitting, books, midwifery, web design & web standards, arts & crafts, children’s literature, and bolivia. so, with all that, here’s my list of feeds</a>.

also tech-related (though mostly greed-related), i’m setting up a powell’s wish list, in anticipation of secretpal 4 gearing up. don’t worry, secret pal, if you’re reading this, i’m mostly going to use this to daydream about money as well as occasionally send to my family hopefully just when they are feeling quilty about me being so all-alone-in-los-angeles.

oh, that tammy sweater? still drying (it’s been four days now!) and that class i skipped a few weeks ago? i ended up dropping it last week, so that means not only am i only (!) taking two classes this quarter, i also have friday mornings off. thank goodness, i could really use the sleep. ok, that’s it from me ~ hope your friday is a happy one!

update: i will try not to write so much in the future, such long posts are awfully demanding, i know, but had to add that waking up to a cat peeing on your comforter while you’re still sleeping in it can make your fridays just suck. especially when said comforter is brand new and just thinking about its fluffy softness while at work would make me grin like a fool. my normally sweet and beloved trouble is, needless to say, in the doghouse.

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