my last design-related post for a while, promise

hi there ~ so yes, i’ve been quite a busy bee lately with this here site. you might not have noticed that this section has moved from the vague ‘article’ sub-directory to the much more friendly ‘journal’ sub-directory. as such, unfortunately, the rss/atom feeds have moved to

bloglines should notice the difference within a day or two, as should all the other news aggregators out there. however, you can just cut and paste the above url into the subscribe box in bloglines, for example, and that should do the trick a little sooner.

sorry about that, but really it’s much cleaner now, isn’t it? ;)

in other news, still web related, i changed my booklist from oddbook to my own blend. as for my audacity in calling it a library, especially when the links go to powell’s bookstore, i figure, hey, this is the library in my mind, the books that fill up my head and pester me with ideas, memories, and other funny stuff.

about the powell’s affiliation thing, here’s my disclaimer, as posted on the bottom of that same /library page: “i’m not trying to make any money off of any of this, i just wanted to be able to post the book cover pictures because that’s prettier and more interesting. i didn’t want to be affiliated with amazon, so i went with independent-bookstore-powerhouse powells. theoretically, i would get a comission off of any purchases through this site, but a) i’m not really expecting a dime, and b) if i do get a dime, it’ll go to a charity. which? not sure. if you have any ideas/inclinations, please tell me.”

and that’s a wrap.

p.s. two knitting news bits: i’ve started on my topsecret sweater (thanks amanda!) and i just gotta say my secret pal rocks – she wrote me a song this morning. boy, that’s one sure fire way of cheering me up when i wake up, as usual, grumpy and cranky; it had me immediately laughing and humming.

p.s.2 my button i made for secret pal was posted today, yippee! you can also see it on this page by clicking on the link above, to the right, that says ‘rings’. i got the image from that great free stock image site i mentioned earlier.

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