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as promised, among these pics is one of my finished tammy sweater. i think it looks ok on me but i’m not as thrilled as i was with my first sweater. it just looked so much looser in the pattern book – and that’s what i wanted: a tapered waist but pretty big in the chest and arm parts. i like me a baggy sweater, yup i do. (hence, topsecret, yay!)

but first, the books that suckered me into joining crafters choice arrived yesterday, hooray. five little beauties – and i can’t decide which i like better. the finishing book will be darn practical – i know that’s at least partially why i still feel like such a beginning noob, my seams and heck even cast-ons look so sloppy, waah waaah. and then the new stitch n bitch just cause i really like the felted bags (huh, who’d’ve guessed!) and just because it’s stitch n bitch (i love seeing how some bloggers write it “stitch n b****”, so cute!). the sweater design book is so inspiringly written, even though i’ve only read the first 20 pages or so, i love it already. the felted bookcovers in the felted book are gorgeous and will be a perfect opportunity for me to get back into bookbinding (which i did a few years ago, though i only made about 6 or 7 books) and incorporate my new knitting skillz. the only semi-dissapointment is the erika knight book – except for the wire-knitted bowl, the rest seem not that cool and not that interesting. but, at $1 a book, who am i to complain?

then, yes, in that happy book pic you can see my tammy sweater peeking out on the right .. it’s done! and blocked, phew, that took literally dayssss. it fits, it fits ok that is, but it keeps sliding off my shoulders a little too much for my liking so i got some matching elastic today and will experiment with that soon enough. i still don’t like how form-fitting it is around my chest, it just makes me look so darn broad! but the colors are great, the yarn was lovely to knit (though nasty to seam), and overall it was a quick knit.

lastly, a co-worker the other day brought in this great book that you see here: knitted gardens. not only is there the pattern for this incredible knitted bed cover that you see on this pic (‘garden bed’, get it? hahaha..! ahem.) but there’s these gorgeously detailed gardens and cottages and whole towns and farms inside the book – as you can see here with my fav: this sweet little ol’ basket of veggies. my co-worker is so sweet – a great knitter herself, though she hasn’t knit in years, she offered to knit one of the gardens with me for my future-nieces/nephews-to-be that will hatch sometime in august*. i don’t know if i’ll take her up on it but in the meantime, i just love looking at those sweet leeks.

*oh yeah, forgot to mention: that sister of mine that adopted a beautiful baby in november? that same day she and her husband decided to adopt lovely kiyra, my sister went to the doctor’s and found out she was pregnant …. with twins. haahahhahaha, ::evil chuckle, rubbing knuckles:: revenge is so sweet – she was such a bossy tyrant when i was little (whereas i was an angel! ha.) so now is payback time, baybee.

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