happy friday ~ i hope everyone is as excited about this weekend as i am—- and what do i have planned that is so exciting? nothing. yup, nothing nada zilch. there’s lot of things i should do, but there’s a mile-wide chasm between should and must. phew.

like so many out there, i’m trying to not slow down but literally cut off my horrible spending habit in regards to knitting. i was doing good for a while and then i decided that buying patterns, magazines, books, needles and other non-use-up-able things were really investments and thus could not in the least bit be considered ‘shopping’. well, i’ve nipped that bad idea in the, well, not the bud, but at least mid-bloom. (in defense: the defuzzer to the right i bought weeks ago but only days ago bought the required batteries.)

my topsecret sweater is inching along – i don’t like the yarn (bernat’s illusions) one bit, and my fingers are unhappy. ah well, my illuisions have been shattered. (such a dork, i know.)

i love my new defuzzer – cheap and so fun to use. this is what it took off my felted tab bag i made in august that already had a ton of fuzzies on them.

also, last week i mentioned laundry and sweeping/mopping my place. well, the great thing about a world-class procrastinator is that i’ve built up so much stuff i have to do that when my procrastination-bug kicks in, i procrastinate from doing the things i should be doing (i.e. laundry) by doing other things i should’ve done months and months ago (i.e. finally organizing my bills and school papers). so, yup, this weekend i still have a ton of laundry to do (in the last pic you can see trouble daring me to move her from my laundry pile) and floors to clean. or there’s that dirty tub that could use some scrubbing…

lastly, i’ve given up on the whole idea of keeping my bloglines subscriptions to equal my age – for those of you that had already predicted that, kindly keep your gloating to yourselves.

p.s. check out my new re-design for ucla’s saa chapter – just went live this morning.

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